Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Not exactly a year, but certainly not "day to day"

So by accident I remembered that I had a blog, then i remembered that I had mentioned on Facebook that I was going to post something to it.

My friend Kay mentioned that her mother told her that if she clipped her newborn's finger nails too soon, the child would suffer problems with his eyesight.... I dunno what to say, I just don't see how anyone can even begin to associate the two. Oh well, I guess it can go on the list of ridiculousness that abounds in old wives tales.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Almost a year... Not bad :D

Almost a year without putting anything on this blog... and yet life has gone on.  *sigh*


Thursday, March 24, 2011


So last I posted, my guitar had been damaged.  I didn't really get into specifics about how, or what, or when... so here we go.
I brought my guitar to work so I could work on some riffs and scales since I never make time to do that.  So my partner, who also plays guitar decided he like how my guitar sounded and aske if he could play it. So I let him, and he belted out some Garth Brooks tune.  So when he finished, he got up and was holding my guitar by the neck and decided to take a bow, just kinda playing around.  Well, he didn't compensate for the position of the guitar at his side and he slammed the bottom of the guitar into the floor, carpeted, yeah, but the floor nonetheless.  I didn't see it or know it at first, but I knew I had heard something and I jokingly told him that if he damages my guitar, I was gonna break some bones in his body... little did I know that the damage was already done.  He was sheepishly guarding the guitar and I finally figured out something happened.  When I looked at it I knew I had 2 choices, beat the ever living shit out of him, which I strongly considered, or figure out a plan to fix this.  Hauled ass to Melhart's, as they were fixing to close and long story short, Dave was nice enough to hang on to it and look at it. 

Fast forward 3 days later and my guitar is back home where she belongs.  Looking perfect and sounding as good if not better.  They even repaired a crack I had put in it that I was not planning on having repaired.

So, all turned out well in the end.  Lesson learned. Nobody touches that guitar again.  Whew, at least it wasn't ruined.

On a side note, I tried some crossfit today but it turns out I was doing it wrong.  Tomorrow I will try again and see if I get it right :)  I'm still sore, but I wanna do it right.

Ok, I'm off.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pissed, then not, weird.

My guitar got damaged today. Not one of my electric ones, not one of the inexpensive ones... but the one that matters most. The oldest one. I was beyond pissed, but in the end, what the hell, it is only a "thing".  And it still plays and the damage is not that bad.  I actually feel bad for my work partner that damaged it. He has been damn near in tears since he's the one that did it.  Oh well.  It will be fine. 

I'm bored. need to go home and maybe watch a movie.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some Body Aches

So I have found that I'm not in the best shape of my life... seems as that is THE story of my life for the last 10 or so years.  Anyhow, I decided to do something that I really enjoyed and have actually missed doing... boxing.  So I signed up and have started boxing again.  I have to say, save for the pain I'm feeling in muscles and places I forgot I had, I am loving it.  My bone spurred toe, and my messed up rotator cuff in my shoulder be damned, I'm gonna box!!

First time I went back I almost puked.  Been that long.  Then of course Gavin ended up in the hospital with the Flu, then his momma did.  Sucked all the way around and I didn't box all last week except for once.

This week I went in on Monday and we did cardio.  Running (which I don't like at all ) then jump rope for 6 minutes, i think about 150-200 jumps (or something like that, I stopped counting and started trying to concentrate on not passing out) then we did 5 rounds of :

squat jumps
ninja squats
side jumping squats
ski run
3 pionters
and a 3 point oblique thing from the pushup position that I don't know what it is called.
Then Abs.

Needless to say, I am very sore.

I was kinda let down that when I got off of work and went home to change and go box, I got there to find that they didn't open today due to the cold weather.  BOO!!!! what a let down.  I wanna train.  I'm starting to look forward towards it.  Hopefully Roberto will be in this afternoon and I can go in.

I have a goal, and I shall reach it!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Gavin kickin back in his bed waiting to bail from the hospital.
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My boy contemplating his escape from the PICU.
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So... Kids have been sick all week. 2 days in the hospital and finally home. Hopefully nobody else gets the flu or bronchitis. Kids are getting cabin fever.

Monday, January 24, 2011


My boy, sitting on the counter. He's getting pretty big.
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And Eureka! I can post and send pics to my blog from my phone. Not really THAT big of. "eureka" moment, but I hadn't set it up before. Very fun.


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Sunday, October 31, 2010

A new beginning?

Some changes coming, aside from the background on here. It has been a while since I've logged in here and posted an update. Hopefully I can find time to do it more often. School is keeping me rather busy. :D Off to study I go... I think...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sprocket fun!

So the other night I was out on my bike for a while since it was a friend of mine's birthday. Headed out to the baseball game to hang out for a bit and have a beer. The ride out was uneventful, as was the game. The Roadrunners (I think that is what our local team is) actually did rather well and almost came back from a 7-0 deficit, but no dice.
After words my friend JJ wanted to go sing karaoke, I told him I'd join him but I don't do karaoke cuz I can't carry a tune in a bucket, much less in public. Haha!
So... where are you going with this Marcos, you may be asking. Well, it turns out that as I was doing a u-turn and got into some gravel and the back end came out from under me. I was about to lose it and drop the bike, but my right hand turned the throttle and it spun the back tire until it caught and it popped me over the tank and I saved it. I got very lucky and I'm certain I looked like a retard as I was almost falling off of my bike, but I was happy.
Went inside and had some beers and watched JJ do his thing. I had to work the next day and was going to meet a friend at Taco Palenque for some unhealthy food and I had to leave. As I got on the bike and got going down the road, I felt like the bike was sputtering and stalling on me and I couldn't figure out what it was. I stopped at a light and got off and checked. Couldn't see anything and that may have something to do with not having my glasses on. When I got to Taco Palenque I finally started feeling around and for some reason I put my hand on the sprocket and the teeth were all ground down. WTF!? Yeah, I was riding around with a sprocket that had no teeth.

Anyway, I got home and put the bike away. I'm without a functioning bike and really want my damned bikes working. I have to order parts now and wait for my other bike to be ready, hopefully it will be ready today. I will post pictures as soon as I get it out of the shop. It's been almost 2 years. Here's hoping.
Here are some pictures of the sprocket.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

So today I decided I was going to go out for a ride and get away for a bit. I have been off since Wednesday without a damn thing to do but it had been way too hot to do anything. I finally had enough and decided to get up early and go for a ride. Not much of a ride as we don't have much as far as scenery goes around here, but it was good nonetheless to get out and go riding. Took off about 9am riding north. Got as far as Premont and stopped for breakfast. Quick bite and back on the road. Went up as far as Alice to get my check and then waited in the scorching heat to cash it as I couldn't go inside because it was closed, drive thru only. Dayum was it hot. Got to riding back and was already running out of fuel when we hit Premont again. Got some fuel, got some water, stuck the helmet in the freezer for a little while (this feels so good when the helmet goes back on and it's as hot as it was today). There was a woman in front of me at the gas pump that was riding a huge cruiser, she asked the regular questions... where you coming from? Where ya headed? Seemed nice enough. Took the picture I posted and sent it in to facebook, because as we were sitting in the store, drinking water, I was checking facebook and one of my friends posted on his status that he wishes he had a motorcycle on days like today so he could go out and ride. I got to thinking, I'm very very lucky to live and lead the life that I do. Sometimes it gets stale, and I find myself in a rut, but when I look at the big picture of life... I haven't got a thing to complain about.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Work... or should I say, place of employment...

So at times I think I make it seem, to whomever is listening to me ramble on or reading what I write (Thank you for the 2 that actually read all this ;) ), that I'm not very appreciative of my job and the fact that I actually have one, not to mention TWO jobs. The thing is this, I work in a field in which most people are not very knowledgeable, unless of course you're in this field, and even then its sometimes a toss up ;) hahaha I have to stress the fact that I'm VERY thankful for my jobs as they not only pay for my bills, but they also provide the extra cash I need to enjoy some of the things I do. Like what you may ask? Hmmm, like motorcycles and the expenses that go with them. Like guitars ( and no, I cannot play yet, but I have found an awesome website to learn from and am getting better by the day ) and all the stuff that goes with them... like the cases, straps, pics, amp, cables, pedals and now my Tele is going to be out of service when I take it completely apart to paint it an awesome color. I enjoy also, buying movies, as I'm a movie freak. And only God knows why I can remember lines from movies after only hearing them once... Rick says I shoulda done that with school hahahaha!!

But I digress. . . the reason I was thinking about work, or what I call my "place of employment" is because I really could not have it better than I do right now in EMS. Granted, I drive about an hour and a half to work on the weekend (Fri/Sat) but lets think about what I really do at work. Yesterday for instance I showed up at work and since I'm the 9am crew, everyone was already there. We took off to breakfast and hung out there messing around for about an hour or so. After that we went and cashed our checks. After that I went downtown to look for some guitar picks. Went to WalMart to get some .45 caliber shells because yes, you guessed it, we were going to the shooting range. Off we go to shoot and spend an hour or so out there going through some drills I remember from when I used to shoot competively (another expense). Did rather well and Elsa (co-worker) posted a pic on facebook and I got to thinking... pssshhh!! Complain!? About WHAT!!!??? I'm here, at WORK!!!! and yes, getting paid for all of this and I haven't done shit!! My boss is aware of all of this, and he is ok with it as long as we work and get the job done when the calls come in, and we do, without fail. The only downside to this is being away from McAllen where my kids are, but they understand ( I hope), at least I know Tash does, even if she doesn't like it.

So what else did I do yesterday while at "work"? Ah yes, I sat and played on the Tele for an hour if not a bit more... I know I know, not long enough, but since I haven't played for extended periods of times, my fingers started to hurt and I woke up today with my forearm and fingers very sore.

So, doing a 48 hour shift, we get our first call about 7pm and then again at 5 am. it is now 2pm and I'm sitting here, in shorts, watchig Tv, surfing the net, bloggin, facebooking, practicing 2 songs I'm working on and going over and over scales on the guitar and am truly grateful for my job.

I'm off to play more guitar ;)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Been a while...

So what to talk about? Hmmm, not much going on over here. What's new? My sister got surgery but she's better now, home and relaxing and luckily my mom is there with her, so she'll be fine. My brother was in town for a day and luckily he got to see Gavin as he hadn't seen him since the day he was born. He is back in SF for now. TXIH is coming up quickly and should be fun.

I need to get all of my motorcycles back on the road. I'm very close to having my Supersport back on the road and then it's getting sold. Hopefully when that one goes, I can look in to getting the Triumph Tiger 1050. I'm anxious to ride that bike and see how it would feel on longer hauls. My Monster needs a new battery, and it should be ready this next week. My dirt bike is getting sold and I'm in the process of maybe getting a new (to me) dirt so I can actually enjoy riding for a while. Have some plans but I'm keeping those to myself for now so I don't jinx em.

Next up is the BMW, that goes in to the shop as soon as the supersport is done. Bryan says he has some ideas and I'm anxious to get started on it. All it needs to actually run right now are the carbs that have already been cleaned and redone and are just waiting to get put back on. The tank is also just waiting to go back on. Bike will need engine oil, fuel and new tires and will be back on the road. I can't wait to get her back out, it's been a good long while since I've ridden that bike, and having decided that if i'm just gonna have 4 bikes sitting in my garage as paper weights, I'm just gonna sell em all instead. So they are either going to be running and getting rotated around to be used, or I'm selling everything and just keeping what I use. The only one I will not sell is the Monster. That is not going anywhere.

Anyway, that is all that is new right now... Not much else that I can think of right now other than the fact that I'm kinda getting hungry again... go figure.